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Our development slate is self-financed and consists of original ideas, optioned properties and stories from the real world


We produce in-house from our own development projects and in co-production with selected producers


We offer a bespoke investment service to independent producers wishing to secure production finance


Our projects

A sample of some of the projects we've been involved in

About us

Sharp House is a boutique finance and production company established in 2016. With a passion for commercially driven content that pushes creative boundaries, we collaborate with a diverse range of talent alongside developing our own slate.


Being self-funded with a high level of flexibility and commitment to equal opportunities, we are able to offer production finance beyond the scope of competitors.

We're proud sponsors of Guiding Lights: Feature Focus and Female Film Leaders, a non-profit initiative which looks to redress the gender imbalance in the film and TV industry.

Get in touch

You can email us on info@sharp-house.com or use the form below.


We do not accept unsolicited scripts, designs or story ideas for film, web or TV or any known media.