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Television projects

Over the last two years, Sharp House has expanded into TV with a slate of projects that cut across all genres. From Premium period dramas to High-end action YA series, social commentary procedural through to an array of comedies - including a modern take on the sitcom.

All are starkly different, penned by existing and newer talented writers. They all share a distinct voice of personal stories making sense of who we are and the world around us. We are also keen to encourage multi-hyphenates such as directors, actors and/or writers
to bring their stories to the screen. After all, story is king and queen no matter where it comes from.

We have recently optioned the TV rights to 'The Women Who Flew For Hitler' by Claire Mulligan currently being reimagined as a limited series drama.

Want to see more?

We have also worked on a number of diverse Film projects

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